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Top 3 Boating Safety Tips

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Do you have plans to enjoy time on the water this season? The key to a great day out at sea is keeping safe while having fun. Follow these tips to help prevent accidents and enjoy boating safely with your friends and family.


  1. PFD’s and Lifejackets

Everyone on board must be wearing a Canadian-approved PFD or Lifejacket. And remember, they only work when they are worn! Having one close by won’t protect you in the event of accident or injury on the water.


  1. Check your safety gear

Be sure your safety gear is in good working order before you head out. You are required by law to carry safety equipment in your boat, ensure your equipment complies with the national standards  so that you’ll be well prepared on the water.


  1. Be mindful of changes in weather

A change in weather such as the clouds darkening, the temperature dropping, or a change in wind speed can be a sign that extreme or unsafe weather may be approaching. Monitor the local weather forecast before going out on the water to ensure you’re not at risk. Always ensure that you have someone at home who knows your planned route for the day.


You can learn more about boating safety and national standards from The Canadian Red Cross.


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